About Dasma

Vision & Mission Statement

Our vision is to be widely recognised as an organisation that provides efficient and effective services within a framework that sets standards for and against client/customer reviews in all areas of our operations.


To achieve our vision, DASMA will:

  • Invest in technologies, knowledge, and employee capabilities.
  • Embrace innovative work practices.
  • Involve our clients, community and stakeholders in collaborative processes and in the development of long term mutually rewarding partnerships.


Our strategic and operational decisions reflect our attitude, our clients and service delivery, to our business and to each other.


  • Are dedicated to customer satisfaction.
  • Regard safety as equally important as any other business imperative.
  • Always behave openly, ethically and fairly.
  • Build and retain employee knowledge and capability.
  • Always adopt respectful and collaborative work practices.
  • Are environmentally, economically, and socially responsible.
  • Focus on long term business sustainability.