The original Dasma company was formed in 1969 by Fred DiSipio and provided protective coating and construction services to clients located in the Latrobe Valley region of Victoria, Australia.

As a result of Fred’s tireless work ethic, Dasma has progressively developed its service capabilities, diversified its operations and strengthened its resources. It has built a material recovery facility for sorting and managing waste materials from kerbside collections and waste transfer stations and has invested in a wide range of industrial and environmental services.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Alfie DiSipio joined the business in 1978 and brought a new generational approach to doing business. Alfie had a vast knowledge of waste management, specialised services and the construction and building sectors.

In 2010, Dasma started a restructure aimed at consolidating the business with streamlined and more integrated operations.

Dasma is now a 3rd generation business, with Eden DiSipio, Alfie’s son, joining the company and adding new energy and focus to the business.

Today, the Dasma ‘Group’ of companies manages various transfer stations under contract and is a key player in the waste management industry, especially in Gippsland. The Dasma ‘Group’ refers to the following two companies that collectively operate under family ownership and each trade under the ‘Dasma’ brand:

  • Dasma Services Pty Ltd
  • Dasma Environmental Pty Ltd